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Bonnie GillespieBonnie Gillespie

Bonnie Gillespie, an author and casting director, has taught seminars to working actors in Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles. Bonnie specializes in casting SAG indie feature films and provides career consulting services to actors. www.cricketfeet.com

The Actors' Voice
Bonnie's unique Commentary plus her famous Q&A section!
Industry input from varied geographic markets.

Mark SikesMark Sikes

Mark Sikes is a well-known casting director in the film and television industry. During the past 11 years, he has cast more than 70 films and television series. He also teaches acting and audition classes in Los Angeles and produces actors showcases for industry professionals.

The Casting Corner
Mark's candor and points-of-view, along with on-topic Q&A per weekly column!

Richard HartRichard Hart

Richard Hart works out of Breakdown Service's New York office, where he helps to set up new clients, assisting them with their problems, and writing articles for the Access Newsletter.

Much Ado About Everything: The Access Newsletter Blog
Our Access newsletter's companion blog. Off-beat, on-beat, an entertaining view of the biz and periphery.